How to Keep Cooling Costs Down During the Summer

Keeping cooling costs manageable during the dog days of summer can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to keep your checking account from feeling the heat. Change the filter often. Very few duct systems are air tight. The increased resistance caused by a dirty filter can make your air-conditioner pull in more air through any cracks and crevices in the return air duct system. If your return is in the attic, that means it’s pulling in extremely hot air. Keep your condenser coil clean. The condenser coil outside is where your air-conditioner gets rid of the heat it absorbed inside of the home. Having your unit washed regularly increases the efficiency of your air-conditioner. Also, keep shrubs, grass and leaves away from the outdoor unit. Reroute your dryer vent. You can’t fix stupid—but you can reroute it. If your dryer vent is close to or blowing on your… Continue reading