The R22 Phaseout: What You Should Know

The phaseout of R22 will soon be approaching a new stage on January 1, 2020. This upcoming stage will ultimately initiate the stoppage of production and importation of R22. What does this mean for you? Well, while you will still be able to use your R22 air conditioners, there are several factors (rising cost, replacements) that will need to be considered in the future. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that “as the United States phases out refrigerant R-22, you will need to make informed choices when servicing, repairing, or replacing an existing air-conditioning unit or when purchasing a new unit.”

We want you to be well-informed of these phaseout changes, in order for you to make educated decisions on what is right for your homes in the future. In Why the Cost of R-22 Increased? , we learn about the R22 phaseout and discover why the costs are increasing. The EPA has provided some helpful information on what this phaseout period entails, including how it affects R22 cost and future air conditioner services/purchases. For more on what to expect during this phaseout process and how you can better prepare yourself, please click the image below:

R-22 Phaseout
via: United States Environmental Protection Agency
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