Northwest Arkansas HVAC

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. All these elements are important in Northwest Arkansas HVAC. Northwest Arkansas enjoys four seasons, with some below zero temperatures in the winter and plenty of days in summer when the thermometer hits 100 degrees or more.

Residents of Springdale, where we’re located, and of the surrounding towns in Washington and Benton county need reliable central heating. The year often starts out cold and gets colder in February. We’ve seen snow in March in recent years, though we often have an early spring.

Ventilation is important, too, in Northwest Arkansas HVAC. Northwest Arkansas is inclined to be humid, and weather experts say we have no dry season. Without proper ventilation, dampness in your home can be an invitation to mold and mildew — not to mention how much hotter you’ll feel in the summer.

Northwest Arkansas also has a year-round allergy season. The high level of biodiversity that gives us such wonderful experiences in nature will also mean that there is something for everyone to be allergic to. Proper ventilation protects your family against many allergens. Mold and allergens can contribute to unhealthy air in your home, which can threaten your family’s well-being.

Your HVAC contractor should consider healthy ventilation whenever installing or repairing any heating and cooling system.

Air conditioning is important in Northwest Arkansas, too. Our official climate designation is “humid subtropical.” Since 1973, there has been a steady increase in average temperature for the state, and we’ve had as many as 99 days a year with temperatures over 100 degrees.

One thing you can say for certain about Northwest Arkansas weather is that it’s unpredictable. Make sure to get your heating and cooling systems serviced, upgraded, or repaired well before the time you think you’ll need heating or cooling. We may wish for snow at Christmas, but we’ve seen it on Hallowe’en and Easter. Fill out our simple quote form now so you’ll be ready.

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