The Low Bid Will Cost You More

Are you tempted to choose the low bid for your HVAC project?​​

Consider this: If the electrical in your home or business goes to the low bidder, you may have fewer outlets and the cord for your vacuum may not reach this room or that corner. Maybe your light fixtures are junk and changing a light bulb becomes a pain.

If your plumbing goes to the low bidder, you may need an extra water hose to reach the tree you just planted. Your tub or your sink may drain a little slower than you’d like and you may be replacing fixtures before you thought you should.

But, if your heating and air-conditioning goes to the low bidder? Your system may not be installed correctly, sized correctly, or charged correctly. Your duct system may be a mess and your indoor blower may not be set to match the duct system and outdoor unit, thus, failing miserably at achieving performance optimization.

The indoor blower speed determines the amount of moisture (humidity) your system removes from inside of the home. The speed of most systems installed in new homes is left at the factory preset. The problem is, should you move too much air, you will remove too much moisture and invite unnecessary noise. Move too little air? You’ll have airflow issues in multiple rooms and likely freeze up the unit.

Essentially, that 20 SEER system that you paid significantly more to have may instead perform like a 10 SEER system.

Don’t cost yourself a lot by trying to save a little.

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