The Basement Bidder

Pop quiz: Can you name arguably the most unlikely source of sustainability for Air-Dynamics over the past two decades?

Answer: the basement bidder.

That might be surprising for obvious reasons, but, for a shop that has quite literally built itself from the ground up on positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers, the basement bidder – the company that intentionally comes in well below market value to ensure that they win the bid – actually creates work for us.

Why? C’mon, you know the answer to this. “You get what you pay for,” right? It’s true for vehicles, appliances, and fishing poles – and it’s also true for heating & air-conditioning systems. The work of that basement bidder will need to be repaired and/or replaced in embarrassingly short order, and that’s where we come in.

The quality of our work speaks for itself, and that simple fact that we work tirelessly to protect leads scorned customers to our door. In the end, of course, we fix the mistakes of others and leave patrons with a smile on their face thanks to the lack of sweat on their brow.

Of course, they could have lessened their overall expense had they been willing to spend a little more for a shop they could trust in the beginning.

In fact, I’ll tell you what – the next time you hear a friend or family member boasting about the rock bottom price they received on their HVAC system, just write down this number for them: (479) 750-9939.

They’ll need it later.

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