Who We Are

A Legacy that Endures

The man in the photo is Preston Paxton, grandfather of Steve Paxton and great-grandfather of Kolby, Jeremy and Zach Paxton.. He raised his family — the owners of Air Dynamics — with a strong work ethic and a belief in honesty and reliability. “Each of these traits,” Kolby says, “is a pillar for Air Dynamics.”

At Air Dynamics, our mission is simple: We are the exception, not the rule. Some say we’re “old school,” as if that’s a characteristic that warrants criticism. But, the truth of the matter is that we quite like that reputation. The customer is always right and the best advertisement comes via word of mouth. If that way of thinking makes us “old school,” then, by all means, call us Mayberry.

With over 30 years in the industry, we bring a wealth of design and technical experience that you simply won’t find any place else. Almost just isn’t close enough for us, yet, we live in an era where the competition in Northwest Arkansas has cultivated an environment in which a company is seemingly better off sacrificing their standards in order to compete – but we refuse to buy into that.

Consider this, when you choose a heating & air-conditioning company to do your work, you aren’t choosing Trane or Lennox so much as you’re choosing the contractor and the company who will install your equipment – their ability level, their experience, their training, their work ethic and integrity. Whoever installs your equipment ultimately determines how much you will spend on your utility bill, how much and how often you will be forced to spend on repairs, and how long the unit will last.

A wise man once reminded us that whatever we sow, we will reap in return. With that in mind, we choose to tend to our crop with honesty, integrity, and the highest level of craftsmanship. These are the values that were instilled within this company decades before it existed and these are the beliefs that endure today as we strive to always offer our customers a level of quality and attention to detail that cannot be equaled elsewhere.

We hope you will choose Air Dynamics – the most reputable and well-respected HVAC company in the four-state area.

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