10 Thoughts We All Have When Our AC Breaks

When your AC breaks during the summertime, it can be an altogether awful experience. Should you find yourself in need of an emergency repair, let’s hope your thought process goes a little something like this:

Really need to change that filter at some point this year, I guess. That thing is not keeping the house cool.

Wait a minute…

AC Breaks

Is the air even running? Turn on. Turn on. Turn. On.

AC Breaks

Oh… no. No!

AC Breaks

Hello? Random HVAC shop? We have no air. How soon can you be here? Two days?

I’m literally going to melt into a human puddle. This is how it ends.

AC Breaks

Hi, yeah Air Dynamics? We have no air. How soon can you be he…

We’re saved!

This is literally the greatest day of my life.

I am never going outside again.

The moral of the story—besides the fact that GIFs are awesome—is that when your AC breaks and you find yourself in a sweaty pinch this summer, give us a call. Or, better yet, allow us to prevent the situation altogether with a little preventive maintenance. Either way, we’ll be there when you need us.

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